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Appliances breaking down can mean a bad time. From ovens to fridges, washers to dryers, they’re a crucial part of our everyday life, and we often don’t appreciate them until they’re broken. When they do break, don’t panic: that’s when Jacksonville Appliance Repair is ready to step in. We have a crew of highly experienced and well-trained appliance repair technicians who are ready to solve your problems today.

Don’t get frustrated, but place your kitchen into our capable hands and we’ll get everything back up and running so that the flow of your daily life isn’t interrupted any further than it needs to be.

About Us

Jacksonville Appliance Repair was founded to provide the highest quality appliance repair services to the Jacksonville, FL area. We believe in doing the job right the first time, every time. That means no rushed jobs causing the need for further repairs. No messy kitchens left behind. We know what it’s like dealing with surly or unprofessional workers in your home, and we won’t let that happen to you. We can repair any and every kind of appliance, no matters its malfunction, so the sooner you let us know how we can help you, the sooner your kitchen will be back to full service.


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Our Services

The services we can offer run the full gamut of all household appliance repairs, inside the kitchen or outside of it, minor repair or major. Our aim is to be comprehensive and thorough with the services we offer to Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding region. We fix leaky dishwashers or dryers lacking heat. We fix stoves that won’t fire and fridges that won’t cool. Old or new, gas or electric, we’ve got you covered. We want you to feel like you’re in good hands when you bring your repairs to us. Below you can see more information on the types of appliance repair services we offer at Jacksonville Appliance Repair.

dishwasher repair appliance services
Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers sure beat doing the dishes by hand, but being machines, they can break down. Perhaps your dishwasher is leaking or overflowing, causing damage to your kitchen and floor. Other times your appliance seems to run as normal, but your dishes just aren’t getting cleaned. Whichever of these (or other) problems your dishwasher encounters, we can fix. We also have advice on how to best use your dishwasher to prevent future problems from developing.

appliance services fridge repair
Refrigerator Repair

Don’t let your milk and other perishables go bad when you wake up to find your fridge has gone warm! We can repair all brands and varieties of refrigerator for you. One of the first signs of refrigerator trouble is when you hear unusual noises coming from your cooler, such as whines, whirrs or groans. Often this means we’ll need to replace fan or motor parts for you. So if you encounter noises or leaks, call us up.

appliance services stove oven repair
Stove/Oven Repair

Stove and oven ranges are one field of kitchen appliance where there’s a huge diversity of options available for the house, whether gas or electric, new or old, big or small capacity. Even if you’re a bit handy, it’s tough to be able to fix all these types of problems. But we can. If your stove won’t start, or it burns to hot, let us know. Modern self-cleaning ovens can be a timesaver but they don’t always work – we’ll repair them for you.

appliance services washer dryer repair
Washer/Dryer Repair

Don’t force yourself to wear soggy clothes to work in the morning when your dryer breaks down. We can perform every kind of laundry appliance repair you might need. The most common washer troubles involve the water system of the machine, either failing to drain or leaking onto your floor. As for dryers, they may spin cold or be unusually noisy. We can troubleshoot, repair or replace any parts you need and be on our way.

appliance services gas appliance repair
Gas Appliance Repair

Gas appliances can be some of the highest quality machines – but also some of the most finicky, and the most dangerous. We don’t want you to put yourself in harm’s way by attempting to fix gas appliances yourself or by hiring someone less qualified than our veteran technicians. If you’re experiencing a gas leak of some kind, or you gas cooktop simply isn’t working as it should be, get Jacksonville Appliance Repair on the job for you.

appliance services appliance brands
Appliance Brands

One challenge of appliances is the selection available to consumers in the modern age: there’s an abundance of choices, different brands, models and makes. We won’t cast judgment on whatever appliance purchases you made in the past, but we can fix whichever you’ve got. Common brands we have experience with include LG, Maytag, KitchenAid, Bosch, Samsung, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Electrolux and Miele. So if you see those names on your appliances, we’re ready to fix them.

Contact Jacksonville Appliance Repair Company

If you’ve got any of the appliance problems described above, we want to hear from you. It’s a simple process: just contact us through the phone number or contact form listed here on our website, describe your problem, communicate your appliance make and model and we’ll get the process started. Before you know it, our expert appliance repair technicians will be at your home troubleshooting and getting to the bottom of your appliance malfunction. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about the work we do at Jacksonville Appliance Repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and have a chat!

“They worked fast with an affordable price. My washer was leaking. The problem was tough because my laundry room is really cramped, but the repairmen played ball and did a good job without complaints. Recommended for as pleasant as a repair job will get.” – Roger S.

“My oven wasn't heating properly, I’d been having this issue off and on for a while but finally it seemed to go bad and I thought I’d need to replace the whole thing. Jacksonville Appliance Repair came the next day, speedily found the problem, and replaced the gas line. Now it works just like new. Really thrilled that I could get a relatively cheap repair.” – Karen R

“Had a gas leak which terrified me. Got Jacksonville Appliance Repair on the phone and they calmed me down and walked me through how to make sure there wasn’t any danger to me or my house before they got there to fix the problem, which they did without delay.” – Grace C.